Green Book

Holding a Tibetan Green Book confers rights on the holder from the Central Tibetan Administration , including voting rights in parliamentary elections. It also shows the holder’s financial contribution to the support of the activities and upkeep of the CTA. Full rates and application forms can be found at the linked website.

If you need further details or assistance, it may be worth contacting your local Office of Tibet.  A complete listing can be found on the CTA website.

Additional support can be found in the following locations:

UK – Tibetan Community UK


Learning Tibetan Language



Esukhia offers one on one language classes for beginners and more advanced learners online via Skype or Google+ at a cost of approximately €5 an hour. There is also the opportunity to attend an immersion course in India. See the website for full details.



Tibetan at SOAS Language Centre

SOAS, University of London, offers beginner and elementary courses in Classical Tibetan, with a focus on reading and translation.


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